The GPN’s role in supporting people with diabetes

The role of the GPN is fundamental in ensuring that people get personalised care aimed at reducing the risk of complications and optimising quality of life. Basing the diabetes review on the 15 Healthcare Essentials is likely to ensure that all areas of care are adequately covered.1

GPNs should recognise not just what needs to be done but why. Understanding the rationale for all of the interventions may help PLWD to understand the importance of getting all of their checks done and GPNs are well placed to be able to check on any missing data and encourage people to get all of their checks done.

The GPN carrying out reviews of people with diabetes needs to take a patient-focused and holistic approach to diabetes care to ensure that essential checks are completed in a way that is meaningful for that individual patient and ensures that they are included in the decision-making process.2

Diabetes UK has a bank of support materials, including information prescriptions, to help healthcare professionals to work together to achieve improved outcomes. These can be accessed via the 15 Healthcare Essentials page,1 or via the information prescriptions page.3

Job code: UK/DIA-19020e DOP: April 2020


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