Recognising when to refer to the multidisciplinary team

Diabetes is a complex condition and it is therefore likely that other members of the multidisciplinary team will be involved in supporting people living with the condition.

DUK suggests that there are several specialties that help to enhance the diabetes care provided by the general practitioner and the GPN. These include the diabetes specialist nurse, diabetologist, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, dietician, pharmacists and psychologist.1 Some of these professionals may provide input into the structured education programme that newly diagnosed people are encouraged to attend. However, their further input may be needed at different times in the individual patient’s diabetes journey, and GPNs have a key role in recognising what input may be required – for example, podiatry input for a diabetic foot ulcer.2

Job code: UK/DIA-19020e DOP: April 2020


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