Section 5:

Key messages
  • Anyone prescribed more than one SABA inhaler device a month should be identified and their asthma should be assessed urgently, and steps taken to improve asthma control if this is poor.
  • Patients who request that ‘just their reliever’ is dispensed should be advised of the importance of using their preventer, and to talk to their GP practice.
  • Whenever a patient has a new inhaler prescribed, the pharmacist should ensure that they know how to use it. Inhalers should be prescribed – and dispensed – by brand to ensure that patients are not given an inhaler they do not know how to use.1

Job code: UK/RES-19014c DOP: February 2020


  1. Pearson MG, Bucknall CE, editors. Measuring clinical outcome in asthma: a patient-focused approach. London: Royal College of Physicians of London; 1999