Raise expectations in asthma care

As healthcare professionals involved in managing patients with asthma, we all have a role to play in helping our patients to live life to the full. How could you improve patient outcomes in asthma by changing just one thing?

Do you need more training?

Do you routinely check your patients’ inhaler technique?

Are your patients attending their annual asthma reviews?

How can you improve your asthma reviews?

Are you asking your patients the right questions?

How can you help your colleagues to improve outcomes in asthma?

The pledge can be linked to your revalidation requirements.

Join us in raising expectations in asthma care by making your own pledge.

This non-promotional educational initiative has been developed and funded by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited in collaboration with an expert group of independent UK healthcare professionals.UK/RESP-2000004
Date of preparation: November 2020